Awakening your Chakras

Awakening your Chakras

taught by Caroline Shola Arewa
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Caroline Shola Arewa
Caroline Shola Arewa
Wellness Coach, Yoga Teacher, Psychologist, Speaker, Trainer and Author

About the instructor

Caroline Shola Arewa

Known as the Energy Doctor, Caroline Shola Arewa has transformed lives worldwide for 30 years with her pioneering and awarding winning work. Recipient of outstanding contribution award to complementary and alternative medicine, best course awards from Soul and Spirit magazine, plus multiple awards for services in spiritual and personal development.

She has inspired change and had a massive impact on many lives. Shola has five published books, including the classic Opening to Spirit, now in its 20th year. Shola writes on Wellness for yoga, airline and lifestyle magazines, as well as being interviewed in numerous publications and features in the acclaimed film Yogawoman. She has shared a stage with luminaries such as Deepak Chopra and worked with a diverse array of clients such as bankers, lawyers, educators, children, law makers and law breakers, (police and prisoners). Gaining and maintaining health is the number one asset for us all.

Shola is a trailblazer in the field of wellness coaching, sharing her passion for energy based, integral approaches to wellbeing. She created Energy 4 Life Wellness Coaching a powerful, method of supporting people to restore health and make major lifestyle shifts that result in getting your Energy back and Life on track.

Transforming lives and leading a radical Wellness Revolution is Shola’s mission; all done with an abundance of love and laughter.


Chakras are the key to improving your overall quality of life. Seven major chakras form the energetic core of the human organism. This core connects us to the universe and grounds us on earth.

The Chakras directly effect:
• Spiritual awareness
• Psycho- emotional development
• Physical health and well being

Knowledge of the Ancient Chakra System is the tool we need today for personal and spiritual evolution. We live in a time and a society that is desperately searching for that which is lost.

This course is about Spiritual Awakening, reaching inside and finding inner wisdom and truth.

• Regain spiritual strength
• Rebalance body-mind unity
• Rediscover the five elements,

Journey into the subtle energy fields, gain personal healing and transformation. Learn more about Energy and Chakras so you can enter a new and loving relationship with yourself.

Awakening your Chakras Includes: 
Introductory information on the Chakras
7 Powerful videos with Shola detailing the Chakras
7 Beautiful Individual Chakra Workbooks
7 Mini quizzes - to test your knowledge

Two Bonus Charts 

1 - Ways to Open to Spirit and Balance your Chakras - Reference Chart 
Chakra Qualities
Essential Oils
Yoga Paths

2 - Chakra - Dis-ease  (for reference only)
Dis-eases that relate to each Chakra.

Course Contents

7 Videos
7 Quizzes
2 Texts
10 PDFs
7.0 hrs